Denim Mag

Model Phocus // Louise Prieto

What is your name? LOUISE PRIETO
How old are you? 28
Where is your mother agency based and what is it called? Cape town, Ice Models
Where are you now when writing up these interview answers? Joburg fashion week
What the biggest job you’ve ever landed? Erny van Reijmersdal campaign 2007
Any TV or movie projects on your resume? Yes, I played in a film called “Fuego”. “Fuego” is the Latino James bond and it stars Damian Chapa and the late David Carradine
When did you start modelling? 8 years old but full time since 22 (actually late for modelling world)
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? After cuddling my boyfriend, I have my favorite meal of the day: muslie, soya yogurt, fresh fruit, and a nice coffee.
What do you drink the most? Water and oolong tea
For what kind of jobs do companies book you? Tv commercials, catalogue, lingerie and swim wear, fashion shows.
Have you ever had a ‘blooper’ during a show or job? Not really. I have been lucky till now, apart from the occasional accidental nipel showing on the run way or a shoe lace come undone or shoes being to small or big, nothing major.
Do you have any rituals you do before going to a show/job? Not really, a good nights sleep, check my mani and pedi.
What do you miss the most when being away from home? My dog, (mini pincher) Dsquared

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