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LIU JO Jeans – Bottom-Up Collection


Liu Jo found the way to bring out what’s most marvellous in women’s bodies.

The intuition was as simple as it was bold: a new stitching method that is capable of bringing out those female curves that are so very exciting in themselves.

The new Liu Jo Bottom-up women’s jeans collection redefines the concept of femininity, taking particular care to the fitting at the bottom: all it takes is a yoke and darts and volumes are completely remodelled. And jeans turn into icons: more than denim, better than trousers, Liu•Jo Bottom-Up has rediscovered the perfection of the female proportions. While everyone is concerned with changing, certifying and shrinking, Bottom-Up coined a new, amazing style philosophy: to bring out, and not to hide, to exalt and not to correct, to shape and not to flatten.

Bottom-Up is the result of advanced technical research and Liu Jo’s natural taste for beauty.

The technical solution is the result of two masterly positioned elements: a reversed yoke and a dart applied in a very specific spot. These two details, as simple as crucial, remodel the volumes at hip level and bring out the female curves as they slender the proportions.

Liu Jo Bottom-Up Collection is also Hype-Fit: the use of an innovative yarn allows to fashion a new generation of high-performance stretch fabrics with a unique and natural weft and an excellent fit, durability and resistance to extreme treatments and washes, to turn denim into a second skin.

The different fits are devised to accommodate any kind of silhouette, once again finding inspiration in values such as femininity, elegance and seduction that cross any single facet of Liu Jo’s style. The innovative research for washes, treatments and dyeing, alternates classic denim to new textures and volumes, always in line with the fashion trends and the needs of a wardrobe that interprets the epitome of workwear items into a collectible bestseller.

For the Spring/Summer 2011 season, too, Bottom-Up has proven to be the perfect jeans to the very last model, from classic high wasted straight-legged Standard Leg to the skinnier and trendier Slim Leg model. As always, the collection never stops evolving and researching the next unexpected detail: jeans with French pockets, zips, exposed stitches, and newer and newer washes. For the Spring/Summer 2011 season the collection is comprised of 13 different silhouettes available in 18 different treatments: an incredibly exhaustive range that meets any desire in terms of style. The novelty for Liu Jo’s Bottom Up Collection, consistently with the new fashion trends, are the Fuseaux and Cropped models.

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