Denim Mag

Diesel Black Gold SS11

A love letter to the art, craft and music scene of America’s West Coast

The wild creativity of the West Coast arts and crafts movement, the free spirit of rock festivals and the sun-drenched landscapes of California all infuse the latest Diesel Black Gold collection, designed by Sophia Kokosalaki.

The pieces look handmade, as if patched and customized by their wearers. Colours are soft and diffuse: dusty pinks, greys and tans. Deeply rooted in Diesel’s DNA, a vintage feel runs through the collection, suggesting clothes that have been worn and loved through endless summers. The edgy influence of rock and roll adds a sexy refrain. Hand-painted desert scenes and the quirky shapes of cacti – in the form of jewellery, bags or shoes – transport the wearer to the rugged side of California.

The collection is fluid and contemporary, yet with a touch of nostalgia: look out for vintage treatment, leather detailing, flared trousers and form-fitting jackets in suede and leather.

Other pieces weave in flora as patchwork elements, recalling fashion experiments with “found” fabric, while natural elements like flowers and leaves keep up a very West Coast dialogue with nature. Outdoor festivals become pagan rites.

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