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Meet the kids of America – Hilfiger Denim

Kids of america Campaign
Tommy Hilfiger, a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation [NYSE: PVH], is pleased to announce its Spring/Summer 2011 Hilfiger Denim global advertising campaign: Kids of America. Directed by Tommy Hilfiger’s in-house creative team and shot by acclaimed photographer Josh Olins, the campaign brings together the freshest and brightest stars of the music industry, underlining the eclectic, creative and individualistic style of the Hilfiger Denim brand.

“Hilfiger Denim has always been about music and our new Kids of America advertising campaign embraces the energy of the most exciting new multimedia talents around,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “But this is more than just a campaign: it’s a collaboration, uniting the best bloggers, promoters, producers, DJs and musicians out there.”

The campaign’s multi-talented, multi-dimensional Kids of America – NY-based DJ duo Holy Ghost; producer, remixer, DJ and songwriter Tommie Sunshine; photographer, videographer and music blogger Faith-Ann Young; singer-songwriter Lissy Trullie; underground icon and party promoter Tom Dunkley; street-smart DJ, producer, remixer and label owner A-Trak; and pop sensation Sky Ferreira – are captured within the graffiti-covered enclave of renowned NYC bar, Don Hills. Together, they represent a new wave on the scene. In an industry that is reinventing itself daily, these choice musicians, photographers, and promoters make the rules up as they go along, with a mission to spread and celebrate sound. It’s not so much about their age, but their shared way of life and their style reflects their spirit: courageous and carefree. There’s no limit to what they will accomplish and if you haven’t have heard of them yet, you will soon.

The Hilfiger Denim SS11 global advertising campaign strengthens the brand’s musical DNA, celebrated since 2009 through Hilfiger Denim Live. Originally launched in Amsterdam, this ongoing series of music events brings together fashion, music, and entertainment, to embody Hilfiger Denim’s rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Since its inauguration, the event has traveled throughout Europe, headlined by artists including Matt & Kim, The Virgins, The Films, The Drums, and Major Lazer. Each event kicks off with a live concert from up-and-coming American bands, followed by performances from a mix of international and local artists and DJs. Just like each Hilfiger Denim Live event, the new advertising campaign is an exploration of the collaborative energy of today’s Kids of America – a new generation of young people who refuse to accept any limits to what they can do. As A-Trak says: “It’s all a question of believing in where you can take it and going for it.”

The Spring/Summer 2011 Hilfiger Denim collection returns to the roots of iconic American preppy style, drawing inspiration from John Hughes’ classic mid-80s movie of teen rebellion, The Breakfast Club. The film follows five teenagers, each drawn from a different high school clique, as they throw off the stereotypes that have been forced upon them. This cinematic classic defines an era of American style and attitude. The collection consists of three fashion groups which celebrate rebellion, individuality, and freedom of spirit – all rooted in the music scene of the era and its influence on fashion, culture and lifestyle.

The Spring/Summer 2011 Hilfiger Denim collection will be available on, which launched in 2009. Celebrating the long association between Hilfiger Denim and the music world, brings together the distinctive fashion of Hilfiger Denim and the sounds of cutting-edge artists and emerging talent. The website allows consumers to view the latest Hilfiger Denim styles while enjoying the music that inspired the designs.

The Hilfiger Denim advertising campaign will break in January in key trade publications in Spring 2011. The core campaign will follow as double- spreads in key fashion and lifestyle publications.


Pop sensation Sky Ferreira is cute, talented and dangerously sexy for someone who is only 18. When it comes to music, however, she’s meticulous – she spent the past four years perfecting her debut album, due out later this year. Her freewheeling personality and persevering spirit resonates in her fashion choices: “I’ll wear a dress just because I want to wear a dress. But it will be snowing outside so it’s not the smartest idea. But I don’t really go by seasons.”


A-Trak embodies the modern day, street-smart Renaissance man with a resumé that far exceeds his years. At just 15 years old, he was crowned the youngest-ever DMC world champion, before being handpicked by Kanye West to be his official DJ. Shortly after, he founded his own record label, Fool’s Gold, proving that this NYC-based entrepreneur always carves his own path. Today, he’s an in-demand remixer and producer who has achieved international chart-topping success with Duck Sauce, his collaborative project with Armand Van Helden. A-Trak always conducts himself in a manner that is calculated yet fearless: “It’s all a question of believing in where you can take it and going for it,” he says.

Tommie Sunshine

Tommie Sunshine is a strong-willed renegade in the electronic music scene, with an encyclopedic knowledge of music, a quick wit, and an extroverted character. “We’re living at a time where everything needs to be reinvented. Rattling the stage is where I come in,” Tommie says. A style icon of the DJ booth, he always performs in a full suit, paired with ubiquitous black shades and a free-flowing mane. His take on fashion? “The only thing that matters in fashion is people who are themselves.”

Lissy Trullie

With her deep-pitched voice and unadorned guitar licks, singer-songwriter Lissy Trullie crafts refreshingly raw and bold rock. Modeling, DJ’ing, and dishwashing to support her musical aspirations, she infiltrated New York City’s rock scene with a slew of impressive shows around a year ago – Mark Ronson even DJ’ed one of her first showcases. She is set to release her debut album this year, but don’t let her rock aesthetic fool you: “Because I play rock and have a deep voice, by default, people think that I’m tough,” she says. “But I am more nerdy and nice. I’m an introvert by nature.” A rule she lives by? “Be true to yourself.”

Faith-Ann Young
Music Photographer / Writer / Videographer

Faith-Ann Young has been a fixture in photo pits and at festivals for years. “Music and art are my modi operandi,” she states. A writer, photographer, and videographer specializing in digital media, Faith-Ann has worked with music sites such as RCRD LBL and Virgin Music. “I am focused on telling the story of the artist, whether it’s online, on tape, or on camera,” she says. Fashion-wise? She’s not afraid to wear heels in the photo pit. (After all, they give her an added height advantage!)

Tom Dunkley
Party Promoter / Music Promoter / Trendsetter

Tom Dunkley has been a pillar of the underground New York club scene for years. Co-founder of GBH (Great British House), the party promotion company, Tom throws events almost every week, from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to NYC’s Lower East Side. “When I first started out it was all about house music. Now it’s indie rock, electro,” he explains. “There’s much more of an independent feel about music now.” As for fashion, his style is a refined mix of smart, casual, and cool.

Holy ghost
Band / DJs / Remixers / New York Locals

The New York-based musical duo Holy Ghost have been haunting the NY club scene for years – hypnotizing partygoers with their unique blend of disco and dub-infused electronica. “We’ve been playing music since we were six years old,” they say. “It’s what we do on a day-to-day basis.” Having recently transformed into a four-piece live touring band, their style is laid-back and easy – equally suited to the road, the club, or the street.

Style through music

There’s a fine line between music and fashion – and it’s a line that Tommy Hilfiger has walked since growing up in Elmira, New York. Finding it impossible to source the clothes he needed to emulate the looks of his rock ‘n roll idols like Mick Jagger, Pete Townsend, and Jimmy Page, he took matters into his own hands. It began with forays into New York City to buy denim must-haves, and reselling them to Elmira’s fashion-starved youth. It went on to become the fashion empire it is today – built on a love for music.

As Tommy Hilfiger says, “Pop culture has one of the biggest impacts on what we wear today, and my work is at the heart of that: a combination of fashion, film, art, entertainment, sports – and of course, music.”

In 1997, Hilfiger designed custom outfits for the Rolling Stones’ “Bridges to Babylon” tour and a 100-piece wardrobe for country singer Sheryl Crow’s tour. In the same year, a Hilfiger ad campaign featured the late Aaliyah wearing Hilfiger Denim jeans – it didn’t take long for them to sell out completely.

While a love for all music is evident in every Tommy Hilfiger collection, it first began with rock ‘n’ roll. In a fitting tribute to his roots, Tommy Hilfiger sponsored the Rolling Stones’ “No 
Security Tour” in 1999. Tommy Hilfiger’s trademark logo and the famous Stones tongue were combined for the occasion. The Company went on to lend its support to the music world with the Lenny Kravitz “Freedom” Tour and an advertising campaign featuring a young Britney Spears. The day after Spears was photographed in Hilfiger, she achieved her first US number-one hit.

Tommy Hilfiger has also championed Beyoncé since the early days of her career. In 1999 she helped promote the launch of the Tommy Girl fragrance. Fast-forward five years to 2004 and 
globally renowned superstar Beyoncé Knowles is the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star fragrance, followed by Enrique Iglesias becoming the face of True Star Men in September 2005. In spring 2004, David Bowie and wife Iman were photographed for the first time together by renowned photographer Ellen Von Unwerth as the ambassadors for Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2004 collection – H Hilfiger.

In 2009, plugging into the tours of emerging American rock bands, Hilfiger Denim Live kicked off with a live concert given by up-and-coming young American bands, followed by an electrifying party with music from a line-up of internationally renowned DJs. Following its successful launch in Amsterdam and then in Berlin, five more Hilfiger Denim Live events 
took place in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Ireland. New events are planned in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.
The Company further embraces its music heritage through its Hilfiger Denim global advertising campaigns, which profile up-and-coming American rock bands. In Spring 2009, the Hilfiger Denim advertising campaign featured indie rock band The Virgins. For its Fall 2009 advertising campaign, Brooklyn-based rock band The Films modeled the latest edgy styles from the collection as they performed on their music video set. The brand’s upcoming Spring 2010 advertising campaign features Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino from the Brooklyn-based indie pop band Matt & Kim.

In 2009, Tommy Hilfiger also launched the online evolution of Hilfiger Denim: Celebrating the long association between Hilfiger Denim and the music world, brings together the distinctive fashion of Hilfiger Denim and the sounds of cutting-edge artists and emerging talent. The newly launched website allows customers to view the Hilfiger Denim collections while enjoying the music that inspired the designs.

A further music-inspired Hilfiger Denim campaign, Get LOUD, appeared in Fall 2010. This was created to support the launch of LOUD, Hilfiger Denim’s first fragrance, which itself boasted a campaign featuring indie-pop combo The Ting Tings and models Daisy Lowe and Josh Beech. Shot in black and white by acclaimed photographer Simon Proctor, the Get LOUD campaign sees six carefree young protagonists cutting loose in true rock ‘n roll style.

For Spring/Summer 2011, Hilfiger Denim collaborated with an eclectic, exciting range of music industry stars to create the Kids of America campaign, including an exclusive performance by rock god Iggy Pop. Shot on location at the legendary Don Hill’s venue in Greenwich St, the campaign included appearances from pop sensation Sky Ferreira, Lissy Trullie, music blogger Faith-Anne Young, DJ duo Holy Ghost! and A-Trak, plus international party promoter Thomas Dunkley, and record producer Tommie Sunshine.

“I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked with many different music icons over the years,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “By honoring the great talents we have today and giving a platform to new sounds, there is a unique fusion and influence of music. It’s that energy that’s at the heart of everything I design.”

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