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Press Release – Sleepstreet Bicycles

Sleepstreet is a new brand of Belgian custom made bicycles. You can customize your very own Sleepstreet bike all the way.

Via you can discover our approach and contact us to design your own custom made bicycle.

The vision behind the Sleepstreet bicycles is one of simple clean aesthetics. We love a classic approach, but give each bike a contemporary twist. Sleepstreet is not about being a big bike producing company but about making limited custom mades bikes of great quality and with a unique look for bike lovers and bon vivants. Sleepstreet are the bicycles we have in our heads and are the bicycles we love to see in every street.

Here you find some photography of the bicycles, new models called ‘Hawn’, ‘Underground’, ‘Zen and Cream’, ‘Peak Performance’, ‘Agent Orange’, ‘Long Prosper’, ‘The Joker’, ‘Flying Lemon’ and ‘Blue Steel’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For further questions & inquiries you can always take a look at

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