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Rise Japan: San Francisco

What could easily have been mistaken for a raging block party in the Tenderloin of San Francisco last Saturday night, was actually Vol. 1 of Rise Japan – a collaborative effort of galleries Heist, Kokoro Studio and Japanese art collective S.I.R.

The event raised money to provide aid for those affected by Japan’s earthquake and Tsunami.  100% of the proceeds of the 100+ artists who donated their work went to the Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund founded by Dice Tsutsumi, an art director at Pixar Animation Studios and partnered with Give2Asia.

Live performances, Onigilly, and 2 dollar Sapporos all contributed to the sidewalk, nay, street spillage and enthusiastic atmosphere not present at all art openings.  Not to mention local bars Ambassador and Rye Bar offered special cocktails with partial proceeds being donated to the cause.  Throughout the night, over 900 guests made their way through the small spaces and an estimate of over 90 paintings were sold in a single night.

If you missed it, you have a second chance.  Rise Japan Vol. 2 will be held at Arc Studios & Gallery this coming Thursday, April 7th from 7 pm -11 pm.  Or if you can’t make it to the event, you can donate to the cause here without  having to get out of bed.  But that’s just not as fun, now is it?


– S.I.R.

Photos courtesy of SFStation.  To see more from Rise Japan Vol. 1, click here.


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