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More Than One Way to Load a Gun

Anna Chapman shot into stardom following a Starbucks sting operation in the U.S. that exposed her as a Russian spy and led to a very public arrest in June 2010, along with 9 others.

Since then, she has been exiled to Russia and has been under lockstep surveillance – from magazines, fashion blogs and television shows to the cover of Russian Maxim and just recently, walking the runway for Ilya Shiyan and Yana Rudkovskaya at Moscow Fashion Week.

Was the loaded gun she held to head of a male model as she made her way down the runway gimmicky?  Sure.  Was intentionally dropping the gun at the end of the runway even more gimmicky?  Yes.   Did it work?  At least for now.

When mentioning Fashion Week, Moscow’s contributions don’t even touch the first 10 cities to cross the mind of the average fashionista.   However Moscow FW 2011 has put two new designers’ names into the forefront.  And although they may not remain there for long or for any merits of their own, for better or worse, they have made a momentary impression.

Danger is always exciting in fashion.  It thrives on extremities.  It’s this intrigue that thrust Chapman into the limelight in the first place and although she received criticism by KGB veterans for the loaded gun stunt, it was hardly a sabotage maneuver for her career.

Kind of like how Kate Moss lit up at the end of the runway for Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week on Non Smoking Day.  Both women know how to turn disgrace into a powerful media tool.  Unfortunately, however, only one of them gets to wear Louis Vuitton.


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