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Unknown Singer/Songwriter creates ode for Pukkelpop victims

Belgium has some of the best music festivals in the world. This summer, tragedy struck at the Pukkelpop festival when a storm hit the festival grounds and caused numerous casualties amongst several fatal.

One festival visitor created this moving song. When seeing the images and hearing the words, it brings shivers to your spine.

With respect to all who lost a close friend or relative.


Sunny Skies, love that flies, into a 120 000 eyes

And it’s a bit too hot, but oh we are not some people who complain a lot

And when the night falls too soon in the late afternoon

Long before, long before We want more, we want more

When the sky is turned in brown, when the leafs are coming down

You can see in those eyes atmosphere’s turning round

Don’t try to explain,? there’s no one to blame

And when you think that you have seen it all, the screaming get’s out of control

And panic takes the lead, over a crowd, over and out

That’s what is going on inside your head. Is it over? Is it over yet?

Destruction and the loss of lives, and when you can’t describe? your pain then…

Don’t try to explain, there’s no one to blame

Vacation incomplete. No control, delete

The trails of many muddy bare and searching feet

And at home you hear the news, Festival Confuse

Trying to connect, With those who you protect

Don’t try to explain, there’s no one to blame 2x

But help is on it’s way, cause your in the right place

Where? people know what they can do

How can I help, can I help you?

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