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NIXON ARTMOSH | SINGAPORE – – The video recap’

Following its successful debut last year, eager friends of Nixon queued up hours before, in anticipation of what was ahead in this sophomore, one-night only event. Once inside, party-revellers were visually stimulated with a fanfare of original artwork by the likes of Adeline Tan, Adrian Chan, Amanda Ang, Andy Yang, Antz, Clare Marie Ryan, Colin Faulks, Dewi-Marie Vincoy, eeshaun, Eric Foenander, Fendy Ibrahim, Gerson Gilrandy, Izziyana Suhaimi, Jaba One, k-0.627, Kittozutto, Kristal Melson, Mojoko, Mriz Sidah, Pamm Hong, Sharul Amir, Sheryo, Speak Cryptic, XOTL, Zahir Sanosi, zxerokool, and live art by Colin Faulks.

Drumming up a night’s worth of enhanced sounds were musical performances by Aidan Bamrah, Kevin Lester, DJ Koflow, DJ Shellsuit and DJ Chunk who also delighted the crowd with a jam session at the end of the event, to cap off what many called to be the event of the year.

The Nixon Art Mosh will continue to make stops around the globe with upcoming installations in Munich, Tokyo and beyond. Stay tuned for more details:

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