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EASTPAK Antidote Tour – win free tickets

As Enemies Arise is the winner of the EASTPAK Antidote Tour.

More than 100 Belgian and Dutch bands had entered the EASTPAK Antidote Contests as its seemed very popular. The public eventually chose As Enemies Arise as the winner of the contest and they will be performing at the 013 club in Tilburg on November 11th.

Op Saturday November 12th, the EAT strikes down at the AB in Brussels. All tickets for this show have gone out the door, however, we have the last 4 duo tickets right here!

4 Eastpak Antidote Packs with some really cool goodies: backpack + 1 duo-ticket + 1 plectrum)

Spread this article on your Facebook account and Twitter as much a possible with the hashtag #denimmag. We will pick 4 lucky winner who will receive one of these unique Eastpak Antidote Packs and a duo ticket to the concert in the AB in Brussels!


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