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FRAME – SS13 lookbook

The new British brand FRAME debuted its first collection this fall.

FRAME was founded in 2012 by Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, the two London based Swedes behind The Saturday Group, the global fashion business and INDUSTRIE magazine. The pair wanted to create the perfect pair of jeans, by bringing together the quality and heritage of denim manufacturing in Los Angeles, with the influence of a London style, cut and fit.

The company is based in California, with responsibilities split between the two offices in West Hollywood and Shoreditch.
FRAME is produced in Los Angeles, USA by an all star line up. From design, to wash houses and cut & sew, the best people in their field have all come together to make an unrivalled product in quality and price.

The jeans are primarily cotton but with 5% PES and 2% Lycra in the core collection going up to 7% PES and 2% Lycra in the Luxe Noir style. PES is a type of polyester which helps the jeans stretch and retain their form. The team in LA has been developing the perfect mix of both so that the denim holds its shape and the recall technology prevents them from bagging out with wear. All the jeans are made in LA with the washes developed there as well. Fabrics are sourced from Europe.

Link: Frame Denim

Frame - SS13 Lookbook

Frame – SS13 Lookbook

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