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Top News : Denim Spa collection by WRANGLER

Denim Spa collection by WRANGLER.

THE EVERY WOMAN’S DREAM !  Jeans infused with moisturizers to keep legs feeling soft and smooth. They smooth and tone the skin while wearing your favourite skinny jeans. The girls can choose between 3 moisturizing ingredients and 3 different fits.

1 : Olive Extract – The moisturizer (this finish uses an extract from the olive fruit that will moisturize your legs as you wear your jean)

2 : Aloe Vera – To Soothe Sensitive Skin (The natural goodness of Aloe Vera will moisturize your legs while you wear your jean. Aloe Vera is known for it’s calming and uplifting properties)

3 : Smooth Legs – The Anti Cellulite model (This jean is treated with the unique anti cellulite and a moisturizing formula)

The Denim Spa treatment is most effective with close-fitting styles, and the line is offered in 3 skinny fits : Low-Rise Molly, Regular Courtney and Mid-Rise Corynn.

Wrangler introduces Elizabeth Jagger as ambassador for the groundbreaking Denim Spa collection.


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